Engage with consumers like never before.

Inmar’s Collective Bias gives you a one-of-a-kind opportunity to engage consumers when, where and how they get information about brands, stores and products. We pair customized influencer content, targeted media and personalized messaging with data-driven insights into shopper behaviors — to give you full-funnel impact across all categories, retailers and consumer touchpoints. Thanks to our proprietary analytics and AI, we can drive influencer decisioning to make sure their content meets your business objectives.


In today’s rapidly-changing marketplace — where hyper-aware consumers can check prices, inventory and deals from anywhere — this unique level of individualized engagement is the ultimate way for you to stay relevant, build loyalty and drive profits.


Collective Bias was founded in 2009. Our roots in innovation, data science and ambitious disruption continue to drive us forward as leaders in a crowded industry. We joined the Inmar family — trusted intermediaries for nearly 40 years — in 2016. Together we will apply data insights, and provide the next generation of influencer marketing, to help companies like yours accelerate commerce.

We’ve been ahead of the curve since day one. 

We’ve never been satisfied with the status quo. Innovation is in our blood, and over the years it has driven us to:

Conduct the first multi-category sales lift analysis — measuring and documenting the POS impact of twelve influencer campaigns.


Be the first to offer multiple (4) methods of studying sales impact of campaigns.


Introduce the first-of-its-kind data and technology stack — prescriptiveIQ™ — which utilizes first-party POS and social data to prescribe more effective content.


Give clients the first opportunity to purchase influencer content on a true CPM on Instagram, Blogs and YouTube. This unique model, along with our brand safety guarantee, allows advertisers to invest in ONLY the verified exposure to their influencers’ content.