Build Brand Loyalty

One Message At A Time

Inmar’s Conversational Commerce platform, Gratafy, is the industry-leading transactional chatbot platform. Using Artificial Intelligence to power one-to-one conversations for brands on Facebook Messenger, Twitter, SMS and more, Conversational Commerce campaigns deliver quantifiable performance and an engaging customer experience. 

Provides shoppers with a simple to use, points-based, loyalty program that can be used at any retailer. 


Offers consumers the rewards they want with with incentives like cash back through Venmo, PayPal. or retail gift cards


Our platform offers universal purchase validation from any retailer, making it easy for shoppers to submit purchases from their favorite store. 

What is Conversational Commerce?

Conversational commerce is the intersection of messaging experiences, Artificial Intelligence, and shopping. 


It allows brands to engage customers in existing and preferred communication channels, as opposed to requiring them to download another app.

61% of Consumers

Are interested in subscribing to brand messaging to receive incentives or discounts

Better Than Email

Messages are 1.5x more likely to be opened and consumers are 6.7x more likely to respond than through traditional email marketing. 

47% of Shoppers

Are open to purchasing products through a chatbot experience.  

Our Platform

We see every consumer action from ad exposure to purchase, and optimize for benchmark-breaking performance at every step. 

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