There's a new standard in Influencer Marketing
Inmar Intelligence guarantees actual, verified views of Influencer content, alleviating the risk of fraud and eliminating the guesswork around paying for followers.
If you ordered a shirt online, but when the package arrived it was only 15% of a shirt, how would you feel about that purchase?
That’s essentially what you’re getting when you activate influencers based on follower count alone. You pay for their potential reach, yet only 10-20% of their followers, subscribers or site visitors actually see your content.
With Inmar Intelligence you only pay for verified views of influencer-created content. 

pay only for 

verified content views

and stop paying for followers who

never see your content

Why is this important?
For the first time you can purchase guaranteed deliverables (as you would in any other form of media) without sacrificing the efficiency of your campaign, or the authenticity of its impact
Paying Influencers based on their number of followers, thereby encouraging inauthentic behavior
Paying for ad campaigns (with basic geo/demo targeting) disguised as Influencer Marketing
Paying for impressions of ad units instead of the actual content Influencers create
Paying only for actual, verified views of organic content, in its native environment
What enables us to do this?
Several proprietary technological advances, along with an unmatched level of access to influencer data, make it possible for us to spearhead this necessary change
Inmar’s proprietary influencer selection engine ensures the influencers activated for your campaign not only meet your selection criteria, but also validates their selection and predicts their performance vs. other candidates using historical data. Learn More
Data Access
Inmar’s knowledge of each influencer goes well beyond their geography, demographics, follower counts and engagement rates. We have first-party access to reporting from every post they have ever created, across every channel, and we understand every nuance about their audience.
Dynamic Compensation
Our influencer payment model, which provides them with both a content creation fee and performance-based compensation, allows us to normalize and predict our costs with less volatility, and align the most appropriate influencers to reach your goals
On which platforms can I purchase Influencer content on a cost-per-view basis? 
Instagram, YouTube and Blogs.
What are your rates?
Because rates fluctuate based on certain variables (platform, spend level, targeting, etc.), it's best for us to first understand your campaign objectives and consumer target. Let's chat!
Realistically, why would a shirt manufacturer ever send 15% of a shirt?
Listen. Sometimes analogies make sense, and sometimes people over-analyze them and they fall flat. We just hope it's understood that you're making wasteful influencer investments if you're basing them on follower counts alone. 

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