How many people actually see your influencers' content?

Many marketers continue to focus on follower and/or subscriber count when selecting and activating influencers, and many influencer providers calculate and report campaign impressions by displaying the total number of followers for all influencers creating content.
With unprecedented access to platform-verified influencer data, we know this metric is misleading and often results in wasteful investments and inaccurate reporting. To prove this, we have created this calculator that will allow you to see the discrepancy between followers/subscribers and actual organic views of influencer content, based on our study of over 50,000 posts.

Surprised by these numbers?

We have created a model that alleviates these misunderstandings, and transparently delivers actual views of influencer content in its native environment (from the influencer's handle). Moreover, you can know upfront, prior to ever signing an IO and creating a campaign, exactly how many times your content will be viewed. 
Learn more about Inmar's CPV model here.