Measure with confidence using our industry-leading, standard-setting suite of campaign evaluation tools

Intuitive measurement tools keep you in-the-know regarding your campaign's performance

Our real-time analytics dashboard provides a one-stop shop for your campaign, from influencer activation and management to intelligent reporting

Your dashboard includes:

  • Third-party verified Content View and Engagement reporting

  • Pacing monitors (comparing performance to goals and/or benchmarks)

  • Engagement breakdown by social platform

  • Ad performance data

  • Time spent on content

  • Total Media Value (TMV) calculations

  • Thumbnail links to all influencer content created

  • Performance metrics for individual influencer posts

  • Access to influencer selection, briefing and content review tabs

Sales and Brand Lift Measurement

We understand your investment has a variety of goals, and achieving positive returns is often at the top of the list. Beyond standard-setting reporting capabilities, we make it possible to attribute sales lift, brand lift or increased retail foot traffic to your influencer campaign.


campaigns analyzed for sales lift

across nine distinct categories


avg. sales lift

avg. ROAS


across all retail channels

incremental return on ad spend

Your campaign may be eligible or one or more methods of uncovering lift:

Retail Sales Lift Analysis 

Example Sales Lift Analysis Methodology: Test vs. Control

Test Group

exposed to influencer content




not exposed to influencer content

Control Group



Using test vs. control methodology, we analyzed the impact of content exposure on isolated shopper, geographic and cohort groups.

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