Plan content themes and customer targeting with unparalleled accuracy using the Inmar data and insights engine, prescriptiveIQ™

Our proprietary data platform pairs purchase, social and engagement data with AI and Machine Learning to prescribe optimal content solutions

prescriptiveIQ™ utilizes first-party data across:

It begins with a rich, comprehensive dataset

This is first-party data, paired with expert analysis,

at your disposal when planning each campaign.

Social Engagements

36 Million

Purchaser Households

63 Million

Retail Transactions

2 Billion

Leverage prescriptiveIQ™ to learn more about your brand's...

Shopper Behavior

First-Party POS Data informs our messaging strategy. Should influencers drive new usage occasions to shorten purchase cycles? Encourage bulk purchases to increase buy rate? The answers are within this robust dataset.

Category Trends

Social Listening insights inform content strategies by allowing us to isolate specific trends and solutions consumers are craving. Data drives our content recommendations for influencers selected to create content.

Audience Traits

Audience insights are captured to pinpoint specific segments with whom your brand, category and message resonates most. With each campaign these insights grow stronger.

Why is prescriptiveIQ™ an important part of our process?

The message that works best in brand-created content doesn't always work best for influencer-created content
Collecting data from a single source is not sufficient for prescribing the optimal campaign conditions
Each campaign is unique, and requires an insights engine as dynamic as your brand, category and audience

Data informs content.

Content drives results.

Results create new data.


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