• Brooke Pianalto

4 Fallacies about Influencer Marketing that just won't go away...but should

The Influencer Marketing industry is inundated with facts and stats, and if you believe everything on the internet, you're bound to be misled.

Holly Pavlika, Senior VP of Marketing and Content at Inmar, busts these 4 fallacies that have been cited for years.

1. You can get 11 times the return on investment with influencer campaigns.

This was true for one campaign, promoting one product, at one very specific point in time. Yet many in the industry continue to quote it as if it were the gospel.

2. Accurate influencer attribution is almost impossible.

Proper attribution can be achieved; it just takes work. Look for options that allow you to only pay for verified content views.

3. There’s no such thing as influencer authenticity.

If you pay an influencer, supply them with content you’ve created and then micromanage their writing along with the entire creative process, then, yes, you will fail to deliver authentic content. Don't “handcuff” your influencers. Trust that they know their audience, and let them do their thing.

4. It’s difficult to find the right influencers.

Again, this takes work but is doable. Today, you might employ innovative technology to help. I've observed more companies, including my own, are employing artificial intelligence alongside predictive analytics to select influencers who best match both message and audience.

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