• Collective Bias

A History of Firsts in Influencer Marketing

We’re proud to say that Collective Bias was the first to launch in the managed service influencer marketing space almost nine years ago. To celebrate we decided to take a look back at our history and accomplishments as a company in our newest infographic.

A few quick highlights include:

May 2009: First in the influencer space, Collective Bias ran its inaugural influencer campaign with Colgate–Palmolive later that year.

February 2010: First IM company to win ADDY. Honored to win such a prestigious award in the advertising industry, Collective Bias would win yet another six ADDYs in the next year.

September 2015: First to offer paid media amplification of influencer content. With social platforms shifting towards a pay-to-play model, Collective Bias is the first to offer clients content amplification.

April 2017: First to incorporate shoppable content into influencer blog posts. Inmar’s newest acquisition, with roots in shopper marketing, offers a more streamlined path-to-purchase with shoppable blog content.

February 2018: First to utilize first-party shopper data to prescribe better content. Collective Bias releases prescriptiveIQ™, a data and technology stack, utilizing first-party data to prescribe more effective content.