• Brooke Pianalto

April Trends You Need to Know

The local farmer’s market opens this Saturday, our news feeds are full of ideas to prepare for Easter brunch, and people are getting outside to make the most of longer, warmer days.

It’s no surprise trends for April reflect consumers enjoying warmer temps, outdoor living, and seasonal eating. Do you see the opportunities for your product or brand to tie into these trends?

Seasonal Eating

Spring weather is here and consumers are searching for inspiration to start preparing their gardens or shopping at the local farmer’s market for seasonal favorites. Plant-based recipe searches have risen by 85% YoY (Pinterest Business) inspiring recipes loaded with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Keep this trend in mind when considering flavors (think fruity and fresh) and ingredients (hint: plant/vegetable based) for Q2 product releases.


Families and single “wanderlust” travelers alike are planning their summer vacation getaways. Camping and outdoor living searches have risen by +192% YoY(Pinterest Business) and this is the perfect time to plan how your product or brand will go with consumers to the great outdoors. Have influencers create recipes that are made in tin foil, or over a campfire. Promote your eco-friendly packaging and convenient, single-serve offerings that can go with shoppers anywhere. Not in the retail space? Think about creating an app or service that campers will take outdoors with them.

Planning picnics

A fun and inexpensive way consumers are dining is through picnics for date nights, family dinner, and catching up with friends. Searches for picnic preparations are up 25% YoY (Pinterest Business) and this is an easy Spring and Summer trend that can support your light and convenient recipe ideas or portable snacking options.

We would love to work with you on turning these trends into your most successful influencer campaign. Contact us and lets start brainstorming!