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Brands’ 5 Biggest Concerns with Consumer Marketing

Collective Bias recently surveyed a group of over four hundred savvy marketers, from CMOs to shopper teams, about their greatest concerns with influencer marketing. The results are in, and we’re feeling pretty good. Below, you’ll find the top five concerns brands have with influencer marketing campaigns, and how Collective Bias addresses each one.

5. Limited Product Offerings – 12.1% / 1 in 8

A number of boutique influencer marketing shops specialize in one type of influencer, branding themselves as experts in just one area: Pinterest, male influencers, Instagram, or “mommy bloggers”. Others may offer products across all platforms without much diversification within their platform offerings. For a video solution, you get YouTube. For photo content, you get Instagram. Collective Bias offers a diverse, omni-channel toolbox of tactics.

Imagine a brand wants to generate video content for their new product. If the brand wants to broadcast a product recipe across social, Collective Bias can help execute with influencer Facebook Recipe Videos or with a long-form video from a YouTube chef. If a shopper marketer wants brief videos to showcase everyday usage occasions, Collective Bias can offer Instagram Videos or Instagram Stories. We can also offer custom videos for a more polished, branded  look. If the brand wants to reach their audiences live, we can do that too. For any one problem, Collective Bias provides a 360° solution.

4. Bots/Unsubstantiated Results 12.7% / 1 in 8

Within 24 hours of campaign content going live, clients gain access to a campaign dashboard, illuminating how their campaign is performing every 24-hour cycle. Once content wraps up, however, a campaign’s dedicated analyst filters through to ensure every page view, every comment, every click is legitimate. In addition to ensuring traffic is verified, we also rely on the most conservative third-party media valuations when assigning values to those metrics. When Collective Bias delivers insights into a brand’s campaign performance, the metrics are legitimate and their associated monetary value is too.

3. Lack of Data Analytics Offerings 16.3% / 1 in 6

Collective Bias is the only influencer marketing company to incorporate first-party data on the front-end. Anyone can highlight metrics from social platform dashboards on the back-end, but copy-and-paste analytics do not inform campaigns. Unless your team is using data on the front-end, even the best back-end metrics are only measuring your guesswork.

prescriptiveIQ™ is a data and technology stack powered by first-party shopper data that gives marketers the tools to better understand consumer basket behaviors, loyalty segmentation, and social trends on the front-end of campaigns. With prescriptiveIQ™, Collective Bias empowers marketers to make data-informed decisions with influencer marketing and more.

2. Unknown Audience Data 16.7% / 1 in 6

Once members of our Social Fabric® community create engaging, original content for your brand, how does that recipe, tutorial, or offer reach just the right person?

Collective Bias utilizes advanced amplification to extend the reach of brand content beyond just what’s organic. When it comes to targeting capabilities, Collective Bias carries more than just the basics. We enable brands to retarget the audiences that engaged with past campaign content and to engage with audiences with very similar interests. Our targeted amplification does more than avoid the wrong audience; it curates and refines a newer, better audience.

When a Collective Bias influencer campaign concludes, brands receive more than the standard performance metrics. Our enhanced reporting capabilities give marketers another layer of audience understanding, revealing critical insights into which audience segments most engaged with a brand’s content. From geography to household size to education-level, Collective Bias provides enhanced targeting to reach your audience and shares deep insights into how your target audience engaged with your content online.

1. Campaign Management 20.6% / 1 in 5

Building a dozen banner ads, sending art for a hundred billboards, organizing a couple of skywriting events–all are easier tasks than coordinating a campaign of more than 20 influencers. Unfortunately, none are as effective. As a result, marketers can either turn to managed-service solutions, opt for a less effective tactic, or get bogged down in the 20 influencers, their 17 states, the 14 PayPal accounts, the 6 rounds of revisions and the 3 calls at two in the morning. Brands do not have the time; not even their interns have the time.

First in the influencer space, Collective Bias provides a turn-key solution, furnished with on-call client services, a dedicated community manager, a brand-specific analyst, and another analyst just for good measure. People are unpredictable, and 99% of influencers are people. Collective Bias manages more than just campaigns–we manage complications. Influencer marketing managed-service began the day Collective Bias opened its doors in 2009, and the stress of executing an influencer campaign ends the day you lean on our nearly decade of experience.