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Are Celebrity Endorsements Worth the Money?

Updated: Mar 6

Collective Bias recently surveyed 1,500 adults to study how celebrity endorsements and peer recommendations impact consumer purchasing decisions. Our survey found that 34 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase a product endorsed by their peers, whereas only 3 percent are more likely to make a purchase based on celebrity influence.

Consumers are 13.8x more likely to be influenced to purchase a product by a peer rather than a celebrity.

Celebrities Carry More Sway with Men than Women Of the 3 percent who said they are swayed by celebrity endorsements, men appear to be more “starstruck” than women when it comes to engaging with celebrities as influencers. More than half of the men we talked to (56 percent) admitted that they were swayed by celebrity endorsements. However, only 44 percent of the women owned up to being motivated by the movers and shakers.

45.5% of women said they are more likely to consider purchasing a product if there was an associated promotional code.

The Power of Peers and Promo Codes

While the survey found that men are more likely to purchase a celebrity-endorsed product, women tend to make purchasing decisions based on recommendations from their peers and availability of promo codes. Of the respondents, 63 percent of women said they are more likely to consider a product endorsed by a peer and almost half (45.5 percent) said they are more likely to purchase a product if they had a promotional code. On the other side of the gender divide, 37 percent of men said they would make a purchase based on a peer recommendation and the same amount said they would be swayed with a promo code.

Check out the infographic below for more information:

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