• Brooke Pianalto

How can traditional brands compete in a D2C marketplace?

With only 22% of shoppers satisfied with the level of personalization they currently receive from brands, there is a huge opportunity for traditional companies to start connecting with their consumers on a more personal level to build relationships and strengthen brand loyalty.

So we hosted a panel at Social Media Week-LA with industry experts to help nail down strategies for traditional brands to compete in a D2C marketplace.

How does your company view it’s responsibility in this volatile ago of social media?

We view ourselves as being uniquely positioned. Our data tells us who is buying, how they are buying, where they are buying, but it is important to respect the consumer in how you are using that data. As we discussed in our panel, there is a connection between personalization and marketing. Personalization is knowing it is winter 6 months of the year where I live, I order a size medium shirt and I purchase most during sales. That information can fuel the personalized messaging when you reach out to me, but respect the consumer.

How are you focusing on social media in the coming year?

Using the natural synergy between inspiration from influencer content, tied to the messaging capabilities with conversational commerce we are facilitating experiences and discussion with brands. The brand advocate or influencer is able to provide personal tips and tricks for potty training or feeding your dog in their post, then through amplification and conversation, customers who are also interested in pet care will be able to interact with that content.

How do you advise on the long term growth of social media?

Start with your consumer. The focus should be using data to add value to their shopping experience and giving them direct purchase power.

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