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Influencer Highlight: Bella Bucchiotti

This is Bella Bucchiotti: traveler, dog mom, foodie, and lifestyle influencer. She is inspirational and encouraging – foraging a friendship with her readers by sharing her passions and adventures. She is a trusted voice, embodying the genuine partnerships we value at Collective Bias. Our community of influencers do more than share products and brands, they are the voices and storytellers between a client and their audience. We are excited to highlight Bella as a Collective Bias influencer. Bella lives in British Columbia, Canada with her sweet pup, Beau (follow him @beau_the_brittany).

Bella shares her adventures through her blog “xoxo Bella” her gorgeous photos are found on Instagram, experience some serious wanderlust looking through her YouTube channel, and see more inspirational content on Facebook and Twitter.

Why did you become an influencer? Bella: I started my blog and Instagram in high school just for fun. I always loved sharing photos of my outfits, where I went, and the food I made. I enjoyed photography, so it was a great way to practice that, too.

I started to do a few campaigns during my first year of college. I found quickly that I really loved the creative and social aspect of it all and began to get more campaigns. I decided not to finish college, which was a tough decision for me. Initially, I worked as a server part-time, but after about a year, I quit that to become a full-time influencer.

Over time I worked on developing my own brand and invested a lot into my business. My goal is to create stunning content with a positive message that captures the moments and memories that mean the most to me. I now use my blog and social channels to share my passion for fitness, food, travel, and philanthropy in hopes of encouraging my followers to run the extra mile, try new recipes, visit unfamiliar places and stand for a cause.

Where do you find your inspiration? Really just everywhere! I have a lot of blogs and Instagram accounts that I follow: Pinterest, magazines, Tumblr, YouTube, store displays, packaging, and books.

What are you passionate about creating? What makes you most excited to post/share? I love creating content that is visual eye candy and makes people happy. Photos that include my dog Beau are always my favorites because he is such a cute puppy poser.

I am so excited when followers share images of recipes that they tried or photos of mine that they recreated.

When choosing to participate in a sponsored post, how do you decide which brands/products to partner with? I like to work with brands that I would actually use. From there I look at what kind of content they are looking for. It is important to be able to create content that seems organic and will appeal to my followers. For example, I don’t post flatlays, so I would not do a campaign that wanted one.

What tools/tips do you use to continue having the best quality content and photography? I am very photo focused and I am very particular about the images that I post. I want them to be on brand and inspiring for my followers. For photos that are of me, I hire photographers and plan the shoots ahead of time. For food photos that I take for my recipe posts, I invested in a good DSLR camera, lenses, lighting, backgrounds and props. For all photos, it is the attention to detail that makes the difference.

Photography and editing are something that takes a lot of practice. Take time to watch YouTube videos to learn all that you can and practice lots! What advice would you give to someone starting out as an influencer? My advice would be to work on your photography skills as I think quality photos will make you stand out. After that, focus on what you are passionate about, engage with your followers and be genuine.

What are you most excited about to share with your readers/followers for the upcoming holiday season? I am planning some holiday content right now. Last fall I was busy traveling and didn’t get much new holiday content created. I have styled lifestyle shoots with me and my dog plus new recipes. Since I am now celiac, I am working on testing gluten-free recipes to share.

Photo from Bella’s diabetic friendly, celiac mindful, foodie tab on her blog.

Where do you see yourself growing as an influencer or what do you hope to try in the upcoming year? This year I worked on YouTube content and uploaded a few videos every month. In the upcoming year, I want to continue to grow that platform and add in food videos as well as more lifestyle videos.

I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 1.5 years ago and then celiac disease. In the upcoming years, I want to create more content aimed at the diabetes community and be a positive voice.

Travel will continue to be a big part of my content. I have started taking in-home cooking classes when I travel, and it has completely inspired me. I can’t wait to share recipes that I am learning from homes across the globe.  

Photo from Bella’s “My Trip to Kaui” blog post.

We love working with influencers that seek to inspire their followers with amazing content and are always looking for a new adventure or challenge. Follow Bella on her blog “xoxo Bella”, Instagram,or YouTube.

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