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"Likes" Are Being Hidden - Why You Shouldn't Be Concerned

With Instagram rolling out hiding likes in the United States, brand marketers are getting anxious about employing social influencer marketing to maximum benefit – and being able to accurately quantify the success of their online engagement efforts through this platform. But, hiding likes could actually be of benefit to (properly equipped) marketers.

First, removing “likes” from immediate view means that there is no longer an incentive for influencers to pad their engagement numbers with purchased bot likes in the hopes that marketers will see the size of their following online and pursue them. Second, with likes not showing, marketers will need to find other, better methods to measure success on Instagram.

That's where Inmar’s Collective Bias comes in with our industry-unique Cost-Per-View pricing model for social influencer campaigns.

Our CPV model (as we call it) gives advertisers full visibility into content performance by allowing them to purchase verified content views and monitor real-time metrics via the Collective Bias dashboard. Originally designed for Instagram, we’ve expanded the CPV pricing model to include influencer-created blog and YouTube content.

For the first time, advertisers are guaranteed platform-verified views of influencer-created content before committing to a campaign. With this offering, Inmar's Collective Bias platform champions organic viewership of content and supplements influencers' work with the addition of targeted amplification, all while guaranteeing performance for advertisers.

Since its launch in 2018, the Instagram CPV model has demonstrated its real value to clients, with several seeing more than an 80 percent increase in validated content views. And who wouldn’t like that?

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