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New Year, New Food

Have you heard the expression “New Year, New You”?

As New Year's Resolutions are being made, the goal of retailers is to fill the market with products that meet Resolutioners shopping habits. We coined the phrase New Year, New Food to highlight upcoming food trends for 2019. By analyzing current social trends and purchase data, we are making product planning easy for 2019 with the highlight of three industry trends: On The Go Snacking, Make Ahead Meals, and Food Swaps.

On The Go Snacking: The demand for elevated convenience with on the go snacking is ever present. According to Nielsen Data surrounding “Booming Snack Sales”, US valued growth totaling $750.56 million in 2017. As a retailer, your goal is to ensure consumers are routinely placing your snack in their cart, and even more importantly, reaching for your product on the go. We love the convenience and snacking inspiration that influencers created with Calbee® Harvest Snaps and Mondelez® Teddy Grahams Outdoor Adventures.

Make Ahead Meals: Clearly, consumers are on the go, thus pushing household appliances, cook/preparation times, and products towards convenience and simplicity. Blogs are brimming with make ahead meal ideas from Food Savers, InstaPot, CrockPot, Overnight Oats, and Meal Prep Options. Pinterest's 2019 Trend Book also cited the rise of foil wrap dinners by +759%. These are a great solution for no mess, convenient dinners. We were inspired by Newell® Food Saver this Fall as influencers created make ahead meals that fit their busy lifestyles. We also loved the variety of Overnight Oats inspiration from SoFab Foods influencers.

Food Swaps: As consumers trend towards “better for you” alternatives, expect increasing food swaps for 2019 - think cauliflower instead of typical carb based crusts or rice, veggie noodles as as a swap for traditional noodles, and almond/cashew milk as a swap for traditional dairy products. These food swaps were popularized with the rise of Whole30, eating Pegan (Paleo+Vegan) which is on the rise by 337% according to Pinterest’s 2019 Trend Book. Influencers created content inspired by Silk® Almond Milk, and SoFab Foods influencers used zucchini to craft Garlic Shrimp Zoodles that embodies the food swap trend perfectly.

We love working with influencers that are posting on trend content and inspiring new trends all year long. To connect with the perfect fit campaign and influencers for your Q1 goals, let us help you connect, inspire and create with the power of 3 from Collective Bias: Influencer Discovery, Prescriptive IQ, and FitScore.