• Brooke Pianalto

Plan Your March Content

It’s not technically spring yet, but our calendars are definitely marked for March 20th! It’s almost time to pack up the sweaters and swap you stews with ceviche - plan your March content around consumer search trends.

Spring Cleaning - Everyone is Tidying Up

It seems like everyone is using the KonMari method to declutter and get their homes ready for Spring. On Pinterest, spring cleaning searches are up 43% YoY (Pinterest Business). Influencers have embraced this trend and are sharing tips for an organized and clean home.

Spring Fashion

Beauty and Fashion trends are seasonal - allowing fashionistas to constantly change up their looks. Spring fashion tends to mimic the season with lots of florals and bright colors. Are you looking for a fun dress to wear to your next big event? According to Pinterest, Satin dresses are up 260% YoY and wrap dresses are up +21% YoY.

Changing up your eyeshadow routine is an easy, relatively low-cost way to transition between Winter and Spring. Right now, dark blue eyeshadow is on the rise by 218% YoY (Pinterest Business).

To check out even more trends for March content visit Pinterest Business.