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Recent Twitter Policy Updates – Keeping It Social

The digital marketing world is always changing. To stay relevant and ensure optimization, marketing strategies must evolve to keep pace.

In February, Twitter published an article, explaining their recent tactics designed to combat spam on their platform. The changes took effect March 23, 2018, and targeted the use of automation and multiple accounts via a single source.

“One of the most common spam violations we see is the use of multiple accounts on the Twitter developer platform to attempt to artificially amplify or inflate the prominence of certain Tweets.” – Yoel Roth; Twitter.

This may or may not affect your business depending on your social media strategy. What is your social media strategy? Is Twitter a part of that strategy? “Twitter is a core social network for research, engagement, and awareness. If you’re not working it into your content strategy yet, you can be sure your competitors are.” – Curtis Foreman; Hootsuite

As seen in the past with other changes, Twitter seems to be increasing focus on quality content and engagement in their algorithms. This follows suit of similar updates to other social platforms as well.

Here are some best practices that you can use across all social media platforms:

Quality Content

Share quality content that resonates with your audience. The key to determining your content strategy is knowing your audience. Which demographics are essential to your marketing strategy and growth? Once you’ve identified your target audience, focus on delivering content that is of value to them. What motivates your audience? With what types of content do they engage?

Twitter also recently released an easier way to save and share tweets. With the release of this new enhancement, posting quality content is essential. You want users to engage with your content, and to share it within their social communities. Now that Twitter has made that easier for your audience to do, ensure you have share-worthy content available.


How often are you engaging with your audience? Investing in strategy to maximize engagement will always pay off. Keep it social. Social users want to connect with your brand.

Including influencer marketing in your social media strategy is a key element to driving engagement. The power of diversified voice, drives diversified engagement.

Expanding your brand’s reach through diversified voice is a simple, and cost-effective, means of connecting with your audience as well as potential new customers. The authentic voice of influencer-generated content is a powerful pairing to drive engagement with your brand.


Expand your audience and your consumer base by publishing a variety of content that resonates with your audience. Variety is especially key in establishing unique personas across all your brand’s Twitter profiles and social platforms. Create a unique feel for similar posts with variations to text or image. Inspire usage through influencer-generated content.

Keeping your marketing strategy at pace with the speed of social doesn’t have to be intimidating. Keep it social by publishing a variety of  quality content designed around what your audience values and develop an engagement plan. Diversify your voice with authentic, quality influencer marketing.