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Social Networks and their Importance in Ecommerce Gateways

There are two top powerhouses in the retail world: Social media and ecommerce. Combine the two, and we get social commerce. If you understand how dominant social media is, and how vital ecommerce is, you will probably have a pretty good picture of how powerful social commerce can be.

Offering a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience is the key to leading your customers to the purchase point. So what do you do? You meet customers where they already are. 87% of customers say that social media help them decide what to buy. 78% of shoppers say posts of companies influence their buying decision.

Check out this infographic from 16 Best ( for a comprehensive look at social commerce: its history, revenue numbers, top brands implementing this, and demographics. Did you know 61% of social shoppers are male? These stats may surprise you.

Take a look.