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Three Ways To Maximize You Holiday Ad Spend

During the holidays all brands and advertisers are vying for the consumer’s attention. With all of the competing noise and market saturation what is the best way to reach your target consumer? Influencer Marketing.

We believe that influencer content and paid media amplification work hand-in-hand to deliver exceptional campaigns. Our best-in-class campaigns take advantage of both organic and paid audiences to move your customers down the purchase funnel, increasing campaign efficiency and maximizing your investment.

Maximize your holiday ad spend with these tips:

1. Avoid “holiday” related affinities when targeting 90% of Americans celebrate Christmas so there’s a 9/10 chance your targeting audience, no matter who it is, is in the Holiday spirit! When targeting on social platforms avoid generic affinity groups such as Holidays, Christmas, Christmas Gifts, etc. These groups are going to be extra competitive as more people buy them. Go ahead and build your normal targeting audiences based on interests of your consumer, remember there’s a 90% chance they are interested in the Holiday mood!

2. Avoid the “Big Sale” days. Know your dates! Facebook says the average cost of ads rise 40% in Q4, making this a pricey time of year to buy. If possible, be proactive and avoid the most expensive days to purchase ads, like “Cyber Week” and the “last day to ground ship” before Christmas (December 17th).  Try pausing your ad spend around Thanksgiving, to avoid just being a part of the noise, then ramp back up in December.

Christmas meal planning begins immediately after Thanksgiving but, last year, spiked around December 17th. Meal ideas and solutions with conversation and content around meal purchasing spiked the weekend prior to Christmas, showing many shoppers wait until the last minute to finalize decisions and purchases. That means brands and retailers need to keep the holiday messaging going right up to the last minute to capitalize on as many purchases as possible.

3. Expand your placements - The goal across the board is ads that look pretty and big in the newsfeed of all platforms, who doesn’t want to show off your festive Christmas shoot? Don’t get caught up in the hoopla of what your ad looks like and where it was served. If you’re going after a certain shopper, that shopper is the same person they are on Facebook Newsfeed or partner sites and apps (keeping that in mind could save you a lot of money!). Open up the placements and let the algorithms do the heavy lifting! They are built especially for this and have solid data, gathered from Facebook profiles and previous spending habits.

During the holidays, shoppers are searching the web and social to be sure they are making the right purchase decisions. And while they are looking for information, they are also looking for creative ways to be more efficient and organized during the holiday madness. Most shoppers are using social media to get engaged with, and excited about, the upcoming holiday season.

Reach your shoppers with the right message, at the right time with Collective Bias!