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We use data to answer the difficult questions

Our proprietary data platform, prescriptiveIQ™, pairs purchase, social and engagement data with AI and Machine Learning to prescribe optimal content solutions

This is first-party data, paired with expert analysis, at your disposal when planning each campaign.

It begins with a rich, comprehensive dataset

prescriptiveIQ™ utilizes first-party data across:

36 Million

Social Engagements

Purchaser Households

63 Million

2 Billion

Retail Transactions

Leverage prescriptiveIQ™ to learn more about your brand's...

  • First-party data from over 2B Retail Transactions, 60MM Households and 125K Retail Locations

  • Net profitability metrics on 270 categories and 2.5MM SKUs

  • Private, invite-only community of over 43K influencers, each individually vetted for reach, audience quality and excellence in content creation

  • Aggregate 100MM monthly influencer site visits, and aggregated influencer social reach of 220MM

  • Inmar Digital Promotions drive 19% higher average basket sizes and 38% more trips from digital consumers

  • Trusted intermediary for promotions activation and settlement for nearly four decades

What enables us to do this?

Inmar is a tech-enabled solutions provider who allows you to reach today’s evasive consumer target and dynamically adapt to their behavior at each stage of their journey with your brand.

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