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A deeper, more responsive and personalized media offering

It's unproductive to rely on demographic and geographic targeting alone, and Inmar takes a unique, modern and proprietary approach to addressing audiences at different stages of the purchase journey. Our access to first-party data like offer redemptions, retail transactions, and shopping basket composition, combined with ten years of engagement data from our influencer community allows our media team to surgically target and optimize your media spends.

How we use media to optimize your campaign and maximize lifetime value of each customer

Collect and Utilize Viewer Data from Influencer-Created Content

Depending on the type of content they consumed and their level of engagement, readers are retargeted and directed to applicable destinations -- eCommerce sites, personalized offers, one-to-one chatbot experiences, etc.. Our AI-assisted optimization process will send custom audiences to the destination where engagement is most likely to happen.

Re-Engagement of Opted-In Chatbot Users

Based on responses from their Chatbot interaction, users are presented with new content designed to elicit additional desired actions (re-purchase, basket building, increase frequency, buy rate , etc.)

Lookalike Modeling

For each behavioral segment, there are custom, net new audiences created to extend brand footprint among like-minded consumers.

Media products utilizing our custom audiences include: 

  • Facebook News Feed & Audience Network Ad Placements

  • Instagram Photo, Video, & Story Ad Placements

  • YouTube Discovery Ads (In-Display & In-Stream)

  • Facebook Messenger Ads

  • Geo-Behavioral Ads 

  • Retargeting and Lookalike Audience Targeting

  • Category-Level Targeted Pools

  • Conversion Ad targeting optimized for ecommerce and offer behaviors

  • RSi Ansa-Optimized Targeting 

Inmar is a tech-enabled solutions provider who allows you to reach today’s evasive consumer target and dynamically adapt to their behavior at each stage of their journey with your brand.

What enables us to do this?

  • First-party data from over 2B Retail Transactions, 60MM Households and 125K Retail Locations

  • Net profitability metrics on 270 categories and 2.5MM SKUs

  • Private, invite-only community of over 43K influencers, each individually vetted for reach, audience quality and excellence in content creation

  • Aggregate 100MM monthly influencer site visits, and aggregated influencer social reach of 220MM

  • Inmar Digital Promotions drive 19% higher average basket sizes and 38% more trips from digital consumers

  • Trusted intermediary for promotions activation and settlement for nearly four decades

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