White Papers

How do you detect an account that has bought its follower?

Spotting Instagram Follower Fraud

Do you want to learn more about what AI, NLP, and Deep Learning is and how it can be applied to influencer marketing?


Analytics Solution

ALL of your Influencer Marketing questions answered in one place. 


Collective Bias eBook

This white paper explores the importance of brand safety and transparency in influencer marketing. 


Brand Safety & Influencer Marketing 

 Over the course of the year, we analyzed over 500 campaigns to bring you the latest data and insights on influencer trends. 

The Power of Influence

We are setting the standard for measuring influencer campaigns. Learn how we go beyond social engagement to understand campaign value. 

  Measurement Solutions Case Study

Is your current Influencer Marketing partner able to tie ROI to your campaigns? We can!


Influencer Marketing & Proving ROI

We often think more is better, but is that true when it comes to an influencer's reach? 

Finding Balance in Influencer Marketing

Great influencer content is all about the story, authentic engagement, and original content. 

Ten Tips for Great Influencer Posts